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Pit Surf Shop instructors have given thousands of surfing lessons allowing families to not only enjoy their first surfing experience but also take with them the knowledge to continue pursuing surfing goals on their own.

Some students of surf are very comfortable and confident in the ocean while some may be more cautious but everyone will enjoy learning to surf.

Learn to Surf!

It is RAD! We will teach you.

Surf Lessons and Camp with PIT Surf Shop Instructors

Surf Lessons & The First Session

During the students first surf lesson the student will never be out of their element, all facets of surfing will be clearly explained in simple steps. Students will have the chance to push themselves out in the water but only once the student feels comfortable. (We start with training in the sand!)

After arriving at the beach, your lesson will be broken down into sections. You will be able to relax as we walk you through everything and simply enjoy the process of learning. Surfing is rad and fun for all!

Beginner Surf Lesson

What you will learn

  • How to choose the proper surfboard for a beginner
  • How to paddle a surfboard
  • How to chose the best waves
  • How to enter and exit the surf zone
  • How to stand up on a surfboard
  • How to drop-in and ride a wave
  • How to utilize proper surfing etiquette
  • Safety rules and procedures
  • Surfboard design and functions
  • How the waves form and break

We will teach you how to be self-sufficient in the water as well as become comfortable with choosing and catching waves.

You will then learn to stand while riding the wave which will translate to the student learning to the point that they can move their weight around on the board quickly, and with more power, allowing you to maneuver the surfboard better.

Standing up is not the only goal… Surfing has a lot more fun to be had than just that!

All lessons are PRIVATE, meaning you won't be thrown in with a group of people that you don't know. Group lessons of 5 or more are available. All surf lessons take place right here on St. Augustine Beach.

For more information and pricing on large group lessons, Please call the shop.

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1 Person Lesson

A one-on-one lesson with a personal instructor.
  • 2 hour lesson
  • One Instructor
  • Board Included


2:1 Student | Instructor Ratio

2 Person Lesson

A lesson for two with a personal surfing instructor.
  • 2 Hour Lesson
  • One Instructor
  • Surfboards Included
  • Wetsuits Included (Winter season)


3:1 Student | Instructor Ratio

3 Person Lesson

A lesson for three with a personal surfing instructor.
  • 2 Hour Lesson
  • One Instructor
  • Surfboards Included
  • Wetsuits Included (Winter season)


2:1 Student | Instructor Ratio (Requires 2 Instructors)

4 Person Lesson

A lesson for four with a 2 personal surfing instructors.
  • 2 Hour Lesson
  • Two Instructors
  • Surfboards Included
  • Wetsuits Included (Winter season)



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